Children’s Illustration

I have always loved stories. Ever since I can remember. During school I could never wait until the teacher passed out the scholastic catalog so I could pick out more books, or quick stops to a bookstore after grocery shopping with my mom. I would read on the bus, at recess, and even would act…

Fine Art

My daughter coined the term “scribble scrabble,” and I love to draw that way. It is so fun mushing the colors together to create a feeling.    

Art Direction

It was a pleasure to work on the VR film Dinner Party as an Art Director. Dinner Party is set as a reimagining of the first Alien Abduction experience that was widely publicized in 1960’s America. This is the story that created that image of bright alien lights behind your car, down a lonesome road….

Story Boards

A line is a dot that went for a walk. – Paul Klee  


I try to sketch daily, sometimes I like what happens and most times not. Here are a few pictures that aren’t to embarrassing to put up.  


I have had the pleasure of teaching at 2 different but fanatic colleges. Gnomon and the Art Institute. Below is a video that was published through the Gnomon workshop. Gnomon Workshop   I have also had the pleasure to teach many amazing people. Below are 2 students who were in my first ever Gnomon class….

Texture Art

    Duncan studio Lego Commercial Recently I got an opportunity to work at Duncan Studios. This was the first time I got to work on a commercial.   Kung Fu Panda My first movie was kung Fu panda, and then later on I worked on the holiday special and then the second Kung Fu…