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Illustration Children’s Book: Grammarian

I recently got a wonderful opportunity to work with a non profit and illustrate a book that will be distributed to families who English is not their native language. The book helps teach Grammar in a fun way that all kiddos can enjoy!

What To Do About Your Monsters

Check out my book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. We are also on goodreads 🙂 Meet Kinzie. She has a bunch of fun loving, slightly smelly, Monsters that live in her room. They never let her sleep at night. But that’s ok, her parents always help her out. Until one day they decide it’s…

School Visits

school visitsI would love to come visit your schools and libraries to work with your students! Please contact me with any questions that you have and to arrange a visit. presentation contentDuring a presentation I typically show artwork that I made when I was a kid, I talk about my book, describe and show my…

Children’s Illustration

I have always loved stories. Ever since I can remember. During school I could never wait until the teacher passed out the scholastic catalog so I could pick out more books, or quick stops to a bookstore after grocery shopping with my mom. I would read on the bus, at recess, and even would act…

Fine Art

My daughter coined the term “scribble scrabble,” and I love to draw that way. It is so fun mushing the colors together to create a feeling.    

Art Direction

It was a pleasure to work on the VR film Dinner Party as an Art Director. Dinner Party is set as a reimagining of the first Alien Abduction experience that was widely publicized in 1960’s America. This is the story that created that image of bright alien lights behind your car, down a lonesome road….

Story Boards

A line is a dot that went for a walk. – Paul Klee  


I try to sketch daily, sometimes I like what happens and most times not. Here are a few pictures that aren’t to embarrassing to put up.  


I have had the pleasure of teaching at 2 different but fanatic colleges. Gnomon and the Art Institute. Below is a video that was published through the Gnomon workshop. Gnomon Workshop   I have also had the pleasure to teach many amazing people. Below are 2 students who were in my first ever Gnomon class….

Texture Art

    Duncan studio Lego Commercial Recently I got an opportunity to work at Duncan Studios. This was the first time I got to work on a commercial.   Kung Fu Panda My first movie was kung Fu panda, and then later on I worked on the holiday special and then the second Kung Fu…