Texture Art





Duncan studio

Lego Commercial

Recently I got an opportunity to work at Duncan Studios. This was the first time I got to work on a commercial.




Kung Fu Panda

My first movie was kung Fu panda, and then later on I worked on the holiday special and then the second Kung Fu panda movie. On the second movie I worked manly on environments.


Monsters Vs Aliens

This is the second movie I worked on. I worked on props like my first movie Kung Fu panda, but I also got to work on environments and break out characters. Below are 2 of my favorite things I worked on, the truck and gas station.


Shrek 4

When I first started studying animation, I was so impressed with the textures on Shrek. Many years later I got to work on the 4th Shrek movie. I worked on the witches trailer park, the witches skin, props, the wooden carriage, and Fionas warrior outfit.




Croods was exciting to work on with its large environments. I worked on the croods cave, the canyon, and the punch monkey.



My final movie at Dreamworks was Turbo. This movie was the first movie that used Mari where I was heading the new program initiative.

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