Dinner Party, The Croods, Turbo, Kung Fu Panda 2, Kung Fu Panda, Monsters vs Aliens, Shrek 4, Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special


  • Co-Founder of Little Minnow Productions
  • Art Director for a VR film that played in many film festivals including SunDance 
  • Texturing artist on The Croods, Turbo, Kung Fu Panda 2, Kung Fu Panda, Monsters vs Aliens, Shrek 4, Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special
  • Six years of studio production experience using Mari, Photoshop, Maya and proprietary software. Proficient in Linux
  • Leadership roles include Mari show lead, point of contact between The Foundry and Dreamworks Studio, Mari-Dreamworks pipeline integration visionary
  • Communication skills proven through interactions with producers, directors, supervisors, engineers and other artists
  • Taught a Mari texturing class at Gnomon Studios
  • Three years experience teaching texturing and 2D animation at Art Institute. Improved texturing curriculum to better prepare students for working in the industry
  • One year experience in Graphic Design at Bowling Green State University creating work for the collage


Duncan Studios

Pasadena CA, 2019

Art Director/ Concept Artist  NBC Universal

Toluca Lake CA, 2018

CEO Little Minnow Productions

Toluca Lake CA, 2017

Art Director Dinner Party

Hollywood CA, 2017

Professor Gnomon School

Hollywood CA, 2016-2017

Senior Surfacing Artist Mari Lead DreamWorks Animation

Glendale CA, May 2007 – 2015

Professor Art Institute

Philadelphia PA, 2009 – 2011

Look Development (internship) Disney Animation Studio

Burbank CA, 2005

Graphic Design

Bowling Green OH, 2003


Art Direction/ Concept Artist

  • Communicated the projects look though painted images 
  • Worked closely with the director, vsfx supervisor, and artists
  • Responsible for the overall visual aspects of projects 

Feature Production

  • Look development on large environments
  • Senior level work on environments, characters, hero and fur assets
  • Pioneered workflow development for Mudbox, Mari, and proprietary software
  • Fostered new development across the studio and excelled at driving new technologies
  • Documented new tools and workflows online and with videos for other artists to reference


  • Developed a grading system in the texturing class to encourage problem solving skills
  • Worked with students to grow creatively and technically through out the session
  • Designed assignments to help students better understand material properties and how to create them in 3D


  • Held weekly meetings to demonstrate new tools, tips & tricks, and address current global issues
  • Coordinated other artists to assist in demos, and/or show their own tips and tricks in meetings
  • Worked with the training department to keep them updated on current software development and workflows
  • Developed a series of classes to teach Mari to the studio


M.F.A Visual Effects (2006)

Savannah College of Art and Design

B.F.A Digital Arts (2004)

Bowling Green
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